Blockabase is a user-generated and token-incentivised search engine, introducing a brand new way for search to the world wide web. One that relies on the input of all its users, rewards these users and gives them a financial stake in their new favorite search engine!

In a time where opaque algorithms and the misaligned companies behind them shape the world's online experience, Blockabase is dedicated to the best interests of its users and introduces egalitarianism and inclusivity to the web. Our search engine allows you, the user, to completely build up Blockabase by adding and curating the information of the world wide web, for which you are rewarded with our unique BASE token

How does it work? 

The database of the Blockabase search engine launched just recently with 0 URLs in it. The URLs linking to just about everything that is on the web can only be added to Blockabase by the users. You can be part of this by creating an account and start submitting links to all your favorite websites, pages, articles, videos or whatever else you think should be available to other Blockabase users. 

Once you have submitted a URL and you are the first one to add it, you are awarded BASE tokens, which is the unique, native cryptocurrency of Blockabase. Moreover, the URLs you submit are tied to your account and can generate BASE tokens for you as long as your account is active. As visitors and other member users search and discover URLs you added, you accumulate BASE rewards for clicks, comments, votes, shares & likes. 

The BASE token will be used throughout Blockabase by everyone that becomes part of our exciting new search engine. Missed out on Bitcoin? Don't miss out again, start contributing to Blockabase and get BASE!

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