Our first mission has already been accomplished, launching Blockabase, but this is just one of many, many missions we have set out for the next weeks, months and years. Work on both Blockabase and the BASE token economy will never be finished and the platform and ecosystem will always be changing to create the best experience possible. 

The Blockabase search engine has been live since recently and we are working hard to continuously improve the experience. Since Blockabase has such a unique and novel model for a search engine, we need to run a lot of tests and experiments to ensure that both the search experience and the options for users to add value to Blockabase are optimal. 

Likewise, we are gathering a lot of information and running tests for the optimisation of the BASE token economy. What is important here is that we find the right mix between the appropriate incentives to encourage the development of Blockabase and its sustainability. A key ingredient of the BASE token economy are the way users interact with it, and a core mission in its design is to ensure that the community comes closer together through a common goal while making Blockabase more valuable for all. 

In parallel, we are also working on multiple applications that are part of the Blockabase ecosystem. BlockaMail, BlockaShop and BlockaAds are the ones you can already see if you click on the button right next to your account, but many more will follow. Both the BASE token and the Blockabase search engine will be interoperable with these and future applications, which still requires a lot more work on our side. 

We are doing all this in order to fulfill our vision.