The search engines we all use today are highly sophisticated and an essential part of our web experience. However, the most popular search engines use business models that are certainly not in the best interest of their users, but instead solely focus on maximising the value for their shareholders through the sale of our personal information to advertisers. It is often said that we are not the consumers but the products, but the reality of the business models of search engines is even worse, we are not the products, but the source of raw materials in the form of data which is extrapolated, analysed, packaged and sold to the highest bidder that wants to sell us products through personalising the message as much as possible. We now have a terrific search experience for this, but often unknowingly sacrifice our privacy and integrity without transparency or any compensation. Imagine that you could get a share of the revenue of the online platforms you are using on a daily basis. The users create all the value for search engines, yet get no reward nor have a say in how the system works. 

Search engines are the gatekeepers of the world wide web's information as they are often the starting point of our online experience and set out on their mission to organise the web. This means that they have tremendous power when it comes to the information we consume by determining which results we see when we type in a search query, and you could even go as far as to say that the mostly used search engines hence have the power to shape humanity's reality. What reality is this when we have no idea how the algorithms rank the search results whilst knowing that the interest of the companies running the search engines lies solely on maximising profits? 

Blockabase introduces a radically different way to organise the web and answer our questions. We want to give our users a stake in the search engine they are using, reward you for your contributions and most importantly, let you and every other user determine what should be submitted to the search engine and how the results should be ranking. 

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