Imagine your favorite search engine. Now imagine that you can be part of building it and organising the internet's information, be rewarded for all the activities you do, your contribution and added value, and a search engine in which you can have a financial stake. That is Blockabase

The content of the Blockabase search engine is fully user-generated, meaning that everything that will be part of Blockabase is added and curated by its users. For all these valuable activities, Blockabase users are rewarded with BASE tokens, a unique cryptocurrency tied to Blockabase which you can earn. You and all other active users are essential for the growth, success and quality of Blockabase. 

There are many ways in which you can contribute to Blockabase and earn BASE tokens. You can start submitting URLs, help  ranking the search results by curating the URLs of others through liking, upvoting and commenting, sharing URLs on social media, becoming an active ambassador for Blockabase and a multitude of other ways that will unfold as Blockabase evolves. Now, let's take a look at the BASE token