The BASE token is a unique cryptocurrency that powers Blockabase by awarding BASE to those users that contribute to its development, giving them a financial stake in the economy of the platform they are using and building. On the other side, parties that are interested to advertise or otherwise engage with Blockabase can only do so with the BASE token, creating a natural demand for our native cryptocurrency. 

For the user, there are several ways to get BASE tokens. 

One way to earn BASE tokens is to actively help building Blockabase. You can do this by submitting URLs. In the case your submitted URLs are appreciated by the community, which they can express through liking, up voting and commenting on your URL, you will continuously earn more BASE tokens. Another way to earn BASE is to share your submitted URLs on social media or via email, or to get it credited by the Blockabase team. 

You can also earn three times to regular BASE token rewards by becoming a premium member!

Another way is to purchase BASE tokens through the platform. These tokens will directly be transferred to your account.

Once BASE is listed on exchanges and new use cases are added to Blockabase, you can actively start using them for an increasing number of Blockabase-unique features, and we envision that in a further future, BASE can also be used for third party solutions. BASE is an opportunity to get a stake in a brand new token economy at a very early stage. The supply of BASE is limited and the vision of Blockabase limitless, so get involved!

Click here to learn more about the BASE token economy.