Once you are logged in, you can manage your account by simply clicking on your username in the top right corner. You can now see your personal dashboard, where you can find all the information regarding your account, such as the URLs you have submitted, your entire search history, curation activities and BASE reward stats. 

My profile

Here you can see and edit your personal details

Change password

Here you can easily change your password. Be sure to safely store your password as your submitted URLs and BASE token are tied to your account. 

Search history 

Here you can find all your Blockabase search activities. Talking about transparency!

Ad revenue stats

Once we allow advertisers to enter the Blockabase ecosystem, you as a user are eligible for a share of the ad revenue we make. Here you can see the exact details of this and how much of an ad share in BASE you have received. 

Token history 

A summary of your token rewards per URL

Generate wallet address

In this feature you can generate an Ethereum address for your BASE tokens. Once you've generated an address, you can send this address to other people or use it yourself to transfer BASE to your account. 

Manage URLs

A simple list of all the URLs you've submitted

URL reward statistics 

A detailed breakdown of the URLs you've submitted, how the community has interacted with it and how many BASE tokens each URL has earned you. 

Transfer rewards

BASE tokens earned are not directly transferred to your account, but are first transferred to your reward account where they are stored for 10 days. After this lockup period, you can transfer your earned BASE token to your account on this page.

Transfer history

A detailed overview of all the BASE transfers you've made. 

Pending description edits

If you add a URL, a description must be added. However, not everything is perfect and sometimes other users might have proposals for better descriptions. You can find the details here. 

Social share rewards

A detailed overview of the BASE token rewards awarded for the social sharing of URLs. 

Reward logs

A detailed overview of all the BASE token rewards you've earned. 

URL activity logs

An overview of when you added your URLs 

Premium subscription 

Here you can upgrade your account to premium to earn three times the token rewards. 

Subscription history 

An overview of your past and present subscriptions. 

Purchase BASE

Here you can buy BASE tokens, which will be transferred to your account. 

BASE purchase history

A detailed overview of your BASE purchases. 

Admin BASE credits 

Every now and then, we award extra token to users that have been very active and positively contributing to the Blockabase ecosystem. Here, you can see all the BASE that we've sent to your account.