The Blockabase search engine is powered by its database, which will consist out of millions of URLs. All these URLs help Blockabase organise the internet and make it searchable. A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the same as what you would call a weblink or a link and refers to the name or code of each individual page on the internet. Every single page has a unique URL, so each website, tweet, news article and even each Instagram post have a unique URL through which the page is identified. 

What is unique about Blockabase is that all these URLs will be submitted by users, instead of automating this process through algorithms and crawlers. For submitting URLs, you are rewarded with BASE tokens. We do this as an incentive for you and every user of Blockabase to build up the search engine, as it is fully dependent on the input of its users.  Additionally, if the URL is appreciated and used by the wider community, you can earn even more BASE tokens!

Why let users add URLs? Why wouldn't you just use algorithms for this?

Blockabase is changing the dynamics of search engines through its unique, human-centric approach. The technology to let the web be crawled for URLs and automatically add them to a search engine is already easily available on a highly advanced level, however, we do not want to do that. We want to create a system that is created by humans, for humans, and in which every single user that contributes value to the system is rewarded. 

By awarding tokens to users that contribute to Blockabase, we can give every one a stake in the Blockabase token economy and help them prosper in the case that Blockabase becomes a widely used and accepted search engine. We believe that this egalitarian and inclusive model is the way of the future, starting with the Blockabase search engine!

Which URLs should I add?