The world wide web is an ever expanding, gigantic network of information. We are approaching 2 billion websites, with an average of 160 new websites being created every single minute! It gets even wilder as each websites consists out of at least 1, but no maximum number of unique URLs. This means that you can add an incredible amount of URLs to the system. But where to start? 

There are many strategies for adding URLs to Blockabase. You can think about which websites or pages you frequently visit or that have made a positive impact for you and submit these to Blockabase so other people can easily find them too. 

Or maybe there are categories that you think should be part of the search database. These can include sports, cartoons, universities, companies, celebrities, food recipes, cute cats, basically anything you can think of. 

You can also browse through Blockabase by entering search queries. Is there no answer to your question, no satisfying link to a source of information you were looking for, or do you think you can provide a better search results than is provided? Submit it and earn BASE! 

Keep in mind that the URLs you submit can continuously earn you BASE tokens or any links that you think will be valuable to other users of Blockabase. Once you've submitted a URL, it will be linked to your account and you will be rewarded for a lot of interactions other users have with your URL, such a commenting, upvoting and social sharing. Therefore it can be a good start to think about high quality URLs that will be valued by the community

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