As a user of Blockabase you can get BASE tokens in a variety of ways. 

One of the main ways for you to obtain BASE right now is to contribute to building and improving Blockabase. You can do this by adding URLs, make sure that the URLs are valuable to other users and interact with your URL and sharing your URLs with others through social media and email. As Blockabase is user-generated, everything you contribute to the search engine is adding value to the platform and community, for which we would like to reward you. 

What is exciting with regards to your potential BASE rewards is that if you upgrade your account to the premium membership status, you will receive triple the token rewards! You can do this within your personal dashboard by going to the "premium subscription option". 

We can also credit BASE tokens to your account for almost anything you do that helps Blockabase grow, form mentioning Blockabase on social media to coming up with innovative ideas to improve Blockabase. 

Another way is to buy tokens through the platform. This can easily be done through your personal dashboard by clicking on the "purchase BASE" option. 

As Blockabase evolves, new ways for us to reward you with BASE will be discovered. All this will have one simple goal: optimising the Blockabase search engine!