As a starting point, we have valued each BASE token at $0.01, which is also the price we sell BASE for through the platform. In this first stage, we are mostly focused on distributing BASE to users that help us, either by building and improving Blockabase or they can be acquired simply by purchasing BASE. Our goal is to get BASE in the hands of as many people as possible with the aim to create a large community with a stake in Blockabase. 

Once Blockabase is sufficiently build up and ready to go big, we will shift our focus from supply to demand. The strongest demand is expected to come from advertisers and companies who want to have access to the Blockabase search engine and community. Any party that is interested in doing this can only do so by using BASE tokens.

Because the token has a limited supply, and thus scarcity features, the balance between supply and demand will determine its long-term value. Once we are sure that the BASE token economy is robust, we will start listing the token on exchanges, through which all interested parties can buy and sell BASE. This will create a healthy and natural market that will lead to price discovery to define the price of BASE the market is willing to pay for.

The Blockabase search engine is only the start of what we are determined to build. We envision a rich ecosystem with many features and functionalities. Very soon, we will start promoting the usage of Blockabase for user-to-user transactions, invite online companies to start accepting BASE for their products and services and ask the community what they think are solid ways to start using BASE for. 

BlockaShop, BlockaMail and BlockaAds, which you can find on the Blockabase page right next to your account button, give you an indication of what we are building as a whole, and these applications are just the start. All of these, and future applications will be fuelled by the BASE token and become part of its token economy. As you can see, the ways in which BASE can be used will be many, by far most of which are still to be discovered and rolled out.