The URLs you submit to Blockabase could earn you BASE tokens for as long as you are a user. However, the amount of BASE your URLs can make for you is entirely dependent on the interactions of other users with that URL. These interactions include  liking, upvoting, commenting, social sharing or simply clicking on your URL, and also determine the ranking of the URL in the search results. The Blockabase community will only do these interactions if your URL improves their search experience. 

First you'll have to think about what could be useful for other users. What answers their questions? What links would you like to see when you type in a specific keyword? What do you think is the most insightful article or book on a specific topic? 

You will also need to add a short and accurate description to help other users easily see what the URL will lead to. The more precise this is, the more likely other users will be to interact with the link. 

Ultimately, it's all about helping create the best search experience for the Blockabase community by organising the world's unfathomably large web of information. And we'll give you a hint here how to start doing this. Think about what's trending, what's in the news and what the hottest items of the day, week or even month are. People will surely look for those, don't you think?