The BASE token's key function at this stage is to encourage the ongoing development of Blockabase. Besides the previously described ways to earn BASE, there will be a continuous stream of creative ways and campaigns for you to earn the token. 

The Blockabase team has the ability to credit BASE tokens to any user that helps improve Blockabase. These credited BASE tokens will be directly transferred to a user's wallet. We can credit users for almost anything that make a positive impact, such as adding up-to-date URLs, improving the quality of URL descriptions, leaving valuable comments, helping us market the search engine or for generally being very active on the platform in a wide variety of ways. For example, if a user mentions Blockabase in a post on LinkedIn, in an article or a tweet, we could credit her or him with BASE tokens. The actions for which we can credit users are almost infinite!

In the near future, another opportunity to earn BASE can be to contribute to Blockabase and receive compensation from the Blockabase Development Fund. This fund is specifically set up to improve and expand the dynamics of the Blockabase ecosystem. This is done through the crowdsourcing of ideas from our users and crowdsourcing of features and functionalities from developers that have some cool new technologies in mind that we can use!

We are also planning to launch a variety of contests and campaigns over the coming months to promote certain specific features and topics on the search engine. For example, we can host a contest for people to add relevant articles on the US election results before midnight for a 50 BASE bonus. So keep an eye out for any messages from the Blockabase team!