The vision for Blockabase extends far beyond a search engine. We are laying the foundation for a digital ecosystem that provides its users with all the applications, tools and functionalities they want and need to navigate through the internet of tomorrow. Plenty of these needs are already met by companies today, however, the business model behinds most platforms and applications is exploitative and unsustainable as people are waking up to its true nature. 

The web has become an integral part of the everyday life of many people, yet they are not an integral part of the operations and financial success of the companies that have monopolised them. It may seem hard to imagine right now, but every incumbent company will be dethroned one day by competitive forces that leverage new technologies and models that they simply cannot adjust to. 

An egalitarian, human-centric web experience is such a force. A force which can be unleashed by blockchain technology and the emerging token economy. While these still are highly novel concepts, we foresee that these disruptive forces will change the present and Blockabase is set to grow commensurate to their emergence. The next phase of the internet will be based on value, values and inclusivity, and everything that is and will become part of the Blockabase ecosystem will be developed with these ideologies as guiding principles. 

Over the next years, we will be working on materializing this vision. The Blockabase search engine is our first milestone and achievement, and we will continue expanding the Blockabase ecosystem with the gradual introduction of a variety of applications and features that will provide the digital tools our users want and need. We aim for a piece of the search market first through our unique dynamics and have the same aim for our other applications in their respective sectors of the world wide web. Together, this is the Blockabase ecosystem we envision, with the ultimate aim of leading a new internet that is powered by human input and shares the value with all its stakeholders. 

A digital world where added value is directly recognised and rewarded, where positive participation grants you a financial stake in your favorite applications and in which your interests do matter.  An online infrastructure that is part of your life without taking advantage of you, one without the incentive to exploit human weaknesses and drive us apart, but instead recognises value and values, creates new communities and brings existing communities closer together through the alignment of a common purpose. That is the vision of Blockabase

To fulfill this mission, we need you to become a part of Blockabase.