Our missions and our grand vision can only be achieved with our community of users. As the Blockabase search engine can only be built up by its users, the community and their enthusiasm is essential to the success of Blockabase. In this, the BASE token economy has an important role to play as this makes it possible to compensate active users for their invested time and effort. The BASE token also aligns every participant and hence the community of Blockabase as it is intrinsically linked to the usage and value of the search engine and all further applications. By adding value to Blockabase, the community also adds value to BASE, and effectively to themselves as you, the user are given BASE for your contributions. 

The role of you and the community goes much further than just adding and curating URLs. If you share our vision of creating an egalitarian and human-centric digital platform for all kinds of useful applications, you can do a lot more than that. Every community member can help others understand what we are trying to accomplish and share their knowledge about the best ways to use Blockabase. By spreading the word you can help other people discover an alternative and inclusive way to access to the web. The voice and opinion of the community will be listened to and all of the shared ideas and visions could become part of Blockabase. 

Adding value starts with submitting URLs that you think will help others and assessing how the links of others help you, yet this is just the beginning of the many ways you can contribute, most of which still need to be unveiled. Every user of Blockabase can help create an inclusive internet experience. Us humans are slowly but surely being automated away through algorithms and organisations that only focus on efficiency, forgetting about the humanity that shapes our world. We are here to bring humanity back to the digitised world, but we cannot do this without you. We need you and all users to power Blockabase!

How to become part of Blockabase.