Token economies are still a brand new concept of which the best practices still have to be discovered, and new innovations for tokens and their economies will still be introduced on a regular basis. Therefore, we need an overseeing body that keeps track of what is happening in the BASE token economy and how this is affecting the quality of Blockabase, which is what the BASE economy governance commission does. 

The core function of the BASE economy governance commission is to continuously monitor and optimise the health of the BASE token economy to maximise its positive impact on Blockabase. This includes the following tasks: 

  • Monitoring all the token economy data
  • Tweaking the various BASE rewards mechanisms to optimise their effect on the Blockabase usage
  • Prevent, spot and flag cheating
  • Launch various token-based campaigns to promote and improve Blockabase
  • Gauge community input and opinion 

All collected and analysed data and changes to the various mechanisms in Blockabase will be communicated with the community through newsletters, in-platform updates and quarterly reports. A lot further down the road, we envision that this commission could actually be managed by the community, but for now it will be managed by the Company behind Blockabase