For businesses, Blockabase has a unique functionality that allows any organization to have their own custom Blockabase search engine. In similar fashion how Blockabase works, each organization can have a search engine that only includes their unique URLs, submitted by either the organization or their community. If you go to the Blockabase homepage, you can see several brands on the right side of the screen below the home icon. The logos currently there are just examples of custom search engines, so you can see the possibilities. 

When a user clicks on one of these brand logos, they are directed to the brand's custom search engine on which they can enter their search and are only shown brand specific URLs that exist in Blockabase in the search results. Organizations are in control of the URLs that are added to their custom search engine and can add an infinite number of URLs. This means that the organization can add exclusive deals to their custom search engine, but also prioritize URLs, promote campaigns, products and services and a myriad of other opportunities yet to be discovered. 

The benefits of the custom search engine:

  • Your custom search engine logo will be displayed on the Blockabase homepage, providing exposure to all Blockabase users
  • Makes it easy for users to search your entire domain
  • Enables community curation, which can provide deep insights on the popularity of your URLs and offerings
  • Inclusion in all drop down custom search engine options
  • Can add unlimited root domain sub-URLs to be exclusively discovered through the custom search engine (token rewards?)
  • Your users can add root domain sub-URLs too and earn BASE tokens
  • Logo inclusion on the sponsorship page (LINK)
  • Unique global press release to media 
  • 3 unique rotational banner display units in custom search results and Blockabase results based on keywords 

To find out more about the Custom Search Engine opportunity and the pricing details, contact: .... 

Community curation? 

Does the company make BASE for the engagement with their URLs? 

Who adds the URLs?

Does the company control the URLs that are part of its search engine?