In the beginning of the world wide web, the rapidly growing number of URLs were all scattered and hard to find. Then came search engines, applications that helped people find things through organising the world's information. As search engines became the most used applications and the gateway to the web's vast trove of information, businesses understood that in order to be found, they needed to rank high in the search results and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was born. SEO is an overarching term for the strategies marketing professionals use to get their websites, sub-URLs and content ranked as high as possible on search engines in the organic search results, and the SEO industry is nearing an $80 billion value. Now, we are entering a new era for the internet, the internet of value, and with it comes a new way for SEO, Blockabase's TEO!

With the entirely new search dynamics Blockabase introduces, an alternative to SEO in line with these dynamics is required. Therefore, we proudly introduce Token Engine Optimisation (TEO), a new way for companies to rank high in the Blockabase search results based on the curation of the community and BASE token dynamics. Instead of the continuous cat and mouse game between SEO professionals and search engines, where specialist are optimizing for the ranking algorithm while the search engines keep changing these algorithms, Blockabase allows for truly organic search results through the power of community curation. TEO is an entirely new framework for search rankings that is uniquely positioned to change the name of the game by changing the interaction between a search engines and its users. 

The TEO opportunity for marketing professionals

A new dynamic for search optimisation means a new way for the entrepreneurial marketer, or the TEO specialist as we'd like to say, to help their clients get exposure. Similar to SEO, the TEO specialists ensures that their clients rank highest on Blockabase's tokenized and community-curated search engine. However, as Blockabase's dynamics are very different from how existing search engines work, TEO also looks very different from SEO. 

TEO specialists of tomorrow are mainly concerned with two tasks, submitting their client's URLs to Blockabase and ensuring that these URLs are highly valued by the Blockabase community and effectively rank high on the search results. The first step is easy, but the second step involves an entirely new way to look at the quality of URLs. Instead of beating an algorithms, marketers now have to appreciated by a growing community of users, whose engagement and curation determine the ranking of the URL.

Blockabase is not supplementary, but complementary, meaning that the SEO professionals can also do TEO for the same clients. Active SEO professionals can easily onboard their client base on Blockabase by submitting the URLs of their clients, thus a TEO marketer can offer to add all the URLs of his or her clients to Blockabase to gain exposure to the growing Blockabase community.

What's unique, and quite cool about the envisioned TEO job is that the every submitted URL and all the engagement of the community with that URL earn the URL-owning account BASE tokens. People engaged with TEO are free to discover the best ways to rank high, create exposure for their clients and earn BASE tokens through our various reward mechanisms, such as social sharing, upvoting or email campaigns . How these tokens are distributed between the TEO professionals and their clients is entirely up to the TEO specialist, and we expect many cool models for this to be discovered over the next months. 

Additionally, TEO specialists can also offer the custom search engine option to their clients, for which they can receive a commission from us. Click here to find out more about the custom search engine. 

As we are still a very young search engine, the competition to rank highly in the search results is still low. This means a great opportunity for early TEO adopters to provide extra value for their clients by onboarding them to Blockabase!